another month went by and i haven't logged in here in ages hehe..went to wumpskate last nite! was soo much fun! lotsa skating and got a cool pic with friends.. more to come later....packing for a trip i leave tomorrow for a week..and planning much editing to do.

long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so...i haven't posted on here in ages and ages........went to Wumpskate pirate skate last nite after a fun day at Hurricane Harbor and my friend donaithnen convinced me to log back on here again =)
so what's new in my life...
well i had an accounting and hr manager job up until june of this year..was working 16 hour days no lunch or breaks...totally wore me i'm laid off and relaxing and enjoying the time off, but unemployed and looking for a new job...trying to decide what kind of career path i want to follow next...trying to decide whether to study for the CPA exam or not...
and been doing small modeling and photography work on the side. shot a wedding in Cambria this past weekend, was lotsa fun.

what have u all been up to?
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auf wiedersehen Utah!

there's no place like home...

and off i go today...back on the airplane to head back home to california!
my trip to utah went super fast....was fun!
more to come later when i have more time to write!

utah trip

Here I am sitting in Park City, Utah in front of a nice warm fire and watching some Nicholas Cage movie called "Family Man" brother is playing solitaire and Pac Man on his iphone, and my mom is playing with her IPhone as well!!

We just got back from seeing the film "Quantum of Solace"...big disappointment...not much of a plot..not very intricate or exciting like James Bond films usually ears perked up everytime I heard some Spanish or Italian...and some of the locations and girl characters were cool...but other than that...the plot was kind of weak. i won't spoil the rest.

my trip to Utah has been fun so far!!!
had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's in Ogden yesterday. arrived off the plane just in time for a nice yummy dinner with my fav - stuffing....and lots of other goodies including pumpkin pie and shoefly pie (Amish pennsylvania dutch family recipe). i put on my new apron and served up all the pie with whipped cream. my mom and aunt had some awfully strong Eggnog with Rum in it.
then we watched the movie "my mom's new boyfriend" with antonio banderas.

we also went for a walk around town...i got some cool pics of the iFly skydiving simulation...there was a reflection off the i had to do all the pics without flash but with a slower shutter speed so it was hard to get pics that weren't blurry....

then we played some DDR (dance dance revolution) downstairs...and played a round of glowing black light pirate mini golf...that was fun! my mom beat me by a few points.

today (friday) we slept in a bit..visited the cat and dog....fred and ruby..and then drove to park city. we went shopping here and then afterwards we saw the movie.

I got a new laptop at Walmart for only $350, great deal for what I was looking for!!
got a small Acer laptop AOA150-1006 1gb RAM, 120 gb hard drive, Windows XP (this is what sold me on it cuz I HATE Vista), and a webcam. I'm gonna have to buy an external CD drive, but I love the fact that it's so small, so cheap, and has XP so it will run way faster than my old one.

it's nice and peaceful and pretty here...lots of cool locations for photo shoots...wish i had some models here i could shoot again!

ok that's all for now...goodnite!
more later.


wow it's been a long time since i logged on here..over a year...ages and ages....
if any of my old LJ friends here are reading, say hi! miss u all...
i forgot my password so wasn't able to fix it until now! =)

ok so some updates....i finished my MBA...decided not to go to law school and now with the current state of the economy i'm glad I didn't...

have been working in accounting in Valencia....just got laid off twice this currently unemployed and the moment and trying to decide what kind of career i want to do next...was thinking of studying for the CPA exam..

I'm completely bored and going out of my mind without much direction...been so busy studying and working in the past that i lost contact with most of my local friends....and now that I don't work or go to school I don't know what to do with myself!!!

also I've been doing some modeling and photography though...that has been very fun and creative =) although i've found the people to be somewhat snobby, fake, and selfish...

ok, that's all for now.
more later!
let me know how all of you have been and what questions u have for me!!!!!

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Some notes on futures and options just for me:

For my flashcard sheet, use these formulas:

1. Stock Index Contracts- to calculate the number to sell to hedge a portfolio:
     [$50,000,00 / (1,264.30 x $250)]  x  1.15  =  181.92 or 182 contracts

2. List positions for December:
     Value Long Stock            +$50,000,000
     Short Futures                   -$57,575,600
     (182 x $250 x 1,264.30)

3. Increase Value in Long        -50,000,000

   Decline in Short Futures      
     Original Value                    +57,575,600
     Value of futures in March    -59,150,000
     (182 x $250 x 1,300.00)                          -1,624,350

Net Gain                                                       +175,650

OPTIONS: Know to find max and min loss to compare them to each other


Spot Price=  $10,000,000[1-(0.0570)(0.25)] = $9,857,500

Futures Price, F=  Portfolio Amount[1-(futures discount)(0.25)]

Spot Yield= [($10,000,000/$9,857,500)to the power of: (365/91)]-1

Futures Yield= [(Portfolio Amount/Futures Price)to the power of (365/number days of security) - 1

* To hedge: buy March Tbill futures on Dec 1. On March 1 sell the futures and buy T-bills in the cash market.

CASH FLOW CHART/ Marking to the Market:

                                                    Dec 6                  Dec 7                     Dec 8              Dec 9
Selling price
Buying price
Futures Value Multiplier
Gain/loss / Contract
Margin before Cash Flow
Cash Flow from Investor
Margin after Cash Flow
Finding the FAIR VALUE of  futures price:

=Spot price (1 + T-bill rate(number days/365)-Dividend Yield(number days/365)


my fav band!


i hear you breathe
i´m waiting
for the morning light
i miss you
although i´m lying
right by your side
you leave it up to me

i don´t know why
our time went by
there´s nothing left to feel
except this boring kind of anger
that´s wasting me
you leave it up to me

a fading night
i feel the light
a day that dawn in grey
overgrowning all my hopelessness
but shadows will stay
you leave it up to me

~ "Sleep Somehow" from Spectators

created by xianvox and oizys